Patent, Trademark, Copyright, & Related Litigation

Joe Sebolt

Joe Sebolt Intellectual Property Attorney

Joe joined the Law Office of Michael Sand in 1991. Together, Joe and Michael Sand formed  Sand & Sebolt when Joe became a partner in 1995. Joe’s extensive experience in the preparation and prosecution of patent and trademark applications, licensing, protection of trade secrets and other business contracts all lend to the success of Sand & Sebolt.  Joe focuses his practice to the thorough understanding of his client’s industry to lend in the best possible protection of each business venture.

Joe represents a wide range of major corporations and middle-market companies. He represents clients in the tire and rubber industry, machine tool, chemical and power generating industries. Further, some of his clients are government contractors developing highly sophisticated defensive counter measures for the United States Armed Forces.

Joe is very pragmatic in resolving legal disputes. He regularly solves client issues well before litigation. However, if issues remain unresolved, Joe excels at litigation. Joe has handled numerous patent infringement matters around the country, and internationally, representing both plaintiffs and defendants. He ensure that his clients needs are fully addressed and that matters are resolved satisfactorily.

Joe keeps an active international practice. He regularly handles the preparation and prosecution of patent and trademark applications outside the United States, under the Patent Cooperation Treaty and the European Patent Convention through foreign associates.

During some of his free time, Joe enjoys woodworking in his personal woodshop and spending time with his wife and children on their farm.